Tired of Selfie Stick? Get AirSelfie: “Flying Drone Camera”

Do you travel alone? want to get good snap of you? do you wonder using selfie stick is little squishy when using it, now is the time you to freely take your Picture using Drone Camera, why is that? A Drone Camera nifty gadget which does not only fly and hover in mid air controlled by your phone. that is able to capture panoramic pictures like none other. On this week’s ‘Crowdfunding Campaign Of The Week’, we feature AirSelfie. Like its name suggests, AirSelfie is a drone of sorts with a camera attached and integrated in your hand phone cover! Yes, you read that right, it is so compact that it can fit at the back of your Smartphone.

Is camera worth using it?

Perfect for the selfie addict, the AirSelfie is equipped with a 5MP HD video capable camera and weighing just a 52g – Built with aeronautical grade aluminium, the AirSelfie is definitely built to stick around and survive some knocks or bumps along the way. Bid goodbye to selfie sticks and tripods which can sometimes be more of a bane than a gain. AirSelfie is best when group of buddy’s give awkward smile of taking a picture.


You might wonder how long it last, the AirSelfie device’s small in-built battery capacity of 260mAh. Yes it is only 260mAh, the AirSelfie  can only stay in flight for maximum of 3-4 minutes at any given time, So you have to carry additional portable battery in case you want to retake picture of you at any time.

Its features are fully controlled by its companion mobile application, which is compatible for both Android and iOS users. The application gives you full control of your AirSelfie. Once any image is captured, it would be immediately downloaded to your device via Wi-Fi connection. The gadget is built with an internal memory space of 4GB, capable of storing your multi-shot images and HD videos. Capturing the perfect family event video or couple selfie shots has never been more convenient or sleek.

Here is the Video of AirSelfie

Availability and Price

With a gadget as brilliant as the AirSelfie, it does not come as a surprise that it has already been fully funded – more than 10 times its funding amount to be exact! An AirSelfie you get under Rs 20,000. This will get you 1 Air Selfie. All orders for this pledge look to be fulfilled by March 2017.


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